GOAZ offers its “Smart Tourism” technology to institutions, agents and agencies in the tourist sector based on different products that improve the tourist experience, their knowledge of the destination and their activation during their visit, encouraging them to carry out certain actions through rewards using our token ( visits, purchases, interactions in social networks such as likes, comments, opinions, etc …).


Our smart guides adapt to each destination. They are activated depending on the geolocation of the tourist.

This technology is also offered in a customizable format for institutions so that they can offer a downloadable smart guide app to tourists and available in a very short time with the brand of the destination or institution.

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We offer the latest technology in recommendation of experiences based on fully integrable and adaptable artificial intelligence recommender for institutions and travel agencies. Instead of the tourist having to waste time looking for offers or experiences, the system asks certain questions based on their interests and traveler profile, and recommends to the user which are the best destination experiences for them.

It is about breaking the paradigm of the search engine and transforming or complementing it into a recommender, thus offering a better experience to the tourist in how the content and information about the destination they want to visit / discover is offered.

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Our tokenization system based on blockchain technology allows us to offer GOAZ tokens to tourists based on the actions they take at the destination, from when they arrive to when they leave … visits, consumption, recommendations and publications made by the destination on their social networks (viralization of his experience of destiny with the world), etc.

We adapt the GOAZ token to the tourist destination and the tourists of said destination so that they can have GOAZ as a reward and redeem it with whatever they want (free purchases or consumption, discounts, refund to money in FIAT currency from their wallet or Exchange that each tourist can have, etc …).

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