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Bernabéu Tour & Museum: Direct Entrance

Experience the history of Real Madrid on an immersive Bernabéu tour

15 €

Bernabéu Tour & Museum: Open Date Ticket

This open dated ticket can be used at anytime until 31 May 2022!

18 €

Regional Aeolian Archaeological Museum Luigi Bernabò Brea

Discover unique ancient history on the Aeolian Islands

12.5 €

Cocido Madrileño at Taberna La Bola

Savor Madrid's iconic cultural dining experience in an antique restaurant

32.95 €

Bernabeu & Real Madrid Museum: Guided Tour

Take an expertly guided tour at the home of a footballing giant

32 €

Madrid Highlights Tour & Bernabéu Stadium

Fall in love with Madrid’s charm, from the city to its football field

54 €